Music oozes through his veins as he skillfully fuses ragga, dub and death metal into mind-blowing tracks. Emerging music producer Gore Tech is eager to share his electrifying music with the world.

Gore Tech aka George Flett, is a 25-year-old music producer and DJ from Manchester. George has spent the last 10 years creating and developing his skills as a producer he says, “I think I like making music and certainly playing it because it’s very honest. There is no psychobabble no misunderstandings music has more meanings than words alone”.

To him music is a way of expressing his thoughts, he adds, “It’s a very natural and ritualistic experience loud, repetitive trance like rituals. I could simply go on about music for days but I think it’s also interruptive everyone has a unique way of experiencing music”. A master of sound George hope’s his music can break boundaries and be appreciated by all musical tastes.

His studio name is Gore Tech, a coincidental blend of his first name and the style of music he creates, gory and electronic. He explains, “The name came to me after working in an outdoor store I liked the lettering and typeface of GORE TEX. I later learned it’s the name given by video game developers to the realism of wounds afflicted on characters, Mortal Kombat uses this”.

Spending most his teenage years mixing tracks and experimenting with sound has made him open to love all genres of music. He says, “I was always a big fan of British 90’s electronic music like the prodigy, Chemical brothers and Fatboy Slim. I’ve always had a healthy love for heavy metal and punk rock so these two styles met when I was 16 and I started listening to a lot of industrial music, the rest is history”.

Influenced by raw British producers, he now finds inspiration for new beats from anything like a good sci-fi novel to works of art by designers, giving his music depth, atmosphere and a visual connection.

It wasn’t until college that George realized that he could take his passion for music to new heights, he says, “Music Production has been my sole purpose in life when I attended college and found that once I had the tools to create this music, I had only one thing on my mind from there on out. I couldn’t and still can’t think about anything other than music and creating it”.

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Set for big things this year he has recently released his first solo EP with the record label Ad Noiseam called ‘Machine Throne’ and is looking forward to launch his first CD album at the end of April. The CD is under a Japanese record label Murder Channel, titled ‘From the Earth to the Skyscrapers’. He has just begun his long-awaited tour across Europe with an US DJ, DJ Skull Vomit.

Although he feels his music is similar to his peer’s it is definitely different to other genres or styles, he says, “I feel I’m not necessarily attempting to be ground breaking but more to contribute to the wider pool of electronic music I may push or nudge boundaries of my specific genre but I’m certainly unable at this point to turn it on its head.”

A modest musician, Gore Tech music has a cultural and realistic tone, suitable for all types of music lovers. While a lot of the sounds are heavy metal, dark and grungy it also has a feel of inner rage in a subtle way leaving you feel happy afterwards. His music also accompanies a range of ragga and dancehall beats adding a clever twist to traditional heavy mental music.

An exciting childhood spent attending numerous live music events motivated him to produce music, he says, “A lot of my childhood was spent at sessions or concerts and gigs, a lot of the happiest memories I have are at festivals!” His parents and young brother have always been encouraging and supportive of his future career.

He says, “I’ve had support from many people, I think most support comes from those who don’t share my passion but support it nonetheless.  My girlfriend is honest and supportive as she comes from a classical music background and often offers her opinion when it comes to composition. My parents are also great they’ve always supported me in any of my crazy schemes. Friends and labels have also put in energy, time and even money to make this work for me”.

Without the support he would not be where he is today and feels extremely blessed to be surrounded by people who believe in his talent. However, it’s a given that social media has been an important platform in helping him to promote his music to a wider audience.

He explains, “Virally, Facebook and SoundCloud have been very useful tools. The early days of this kind of music was born from the Internet so it’s a traditional tool. The record labels, Ad Noiseam, Peace Off and Murder Channel who have a far-reaching audience, also help me along. Jef and Ash at Methlab who kindly feature me on their Methlab Blog (Thanks guys!)”.

Currently working with one of his favourite producers George feels very fortunate. Nevertheless, all creators have that one person they dream of one day collaborating with he says, “If I could have my bucket list it would have to be Mike Oldfield and we would re-write Ommadawn into a brooding heavy dub/drumstep album.”


Moving forward this talented producer is confident he will be able to take his music overseas, he says, “My next goal is to play in Japan and the USA before 2014 and with the right guys I think this is possible. I’d also like to work with PRSPCT recordings in Holland I think the music they are releasing is very exciting, and there are plenty of countries I’ve yet to play in. This is my ultimate goal to share this crazy music with as many people as possible”.

When he’s not working on new material George enjoys traveling, reading, skateboarding and creating graphics all whilst working a full-time day job.

His advice for anyone who feels music production is there calling is to, “Keep going! Keep making music, producing is no different from any other skill it requires lots of practice. And read, read, read, read, read, there are lots of great books about the practical elements of music production and sound design, and at the same time throw out the rulebook, experiment with the sounds you like. And generally have fun. If you take it too seriously then it’s not a hobby”.

It doesn’t seem long before we will be seeing Gore Tech music repeatedly played by radio stations and music channels. Everyone has a guilty pleasure, and George exposes his,“ I’m a total nerd I love all things cyberpunk and I love high fantasy like Skyrim. I also have an unhealthy obsession with Norse Mythology”, so you can only imagine what fascinating creations are going on in his mind, watch this space!

To hear the latest releases by Gore Tech visit SoundCloud , Facebook and  www.goretechmusic.com

 (Original Images by Ollie Morris Photography – www.olliemorris.co.uk )